We have been caring for your wood since 1947

Wood is certainly a strong material, yet it requires some specific care: each log and each panel is composed of a unique combination of elements. We can help you defeat all pests that infest wood, such as woodworms e termites .

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Our priority is to preserve the health and safety of our customers. That is why many of our treatments do not include chemicals or toxic substances. Instead, we are focusing on using some state-of-the-art technological devices.

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SIVA has over 70 years of experience

Since its inception, SIVA has made it its goal to continuously improve its performance; to achieve this, the environmental hygiene and care company has set itself the following goals

- submit its Quality Management System to a third-party certification audit;

- train staff through a constantly updated training programme;

- consolidate the collaboration/integration relationship with customers and suppliers;

- seek an optimal relationship between cost and service quality, with a view to competition.