anti-woodworm treatment

We have been taking care of your wood since 1947

Wood is certainly a strong material, however it requires some specific cures: every trunk and every panel are composed of a unique combination of elements. We can assist you in defeating all the pests which infest wood, such as woodworms and termites woodworms and termites .

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Our priority is preserving our clients’ health and safety. That’s why many of our treatments do not include any chemicals or toxic substances. On the contrary, we are focusing on using some cutting-edge technological devices

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SIVA has over 70 years of experience

Since its debut SIVA has set as its goal the continuous improvement of its performance; to achieve it, the company of hygiene and environmental care has established to

submit its Quality Management System to third party certification audits

• train staff through a constantly updated training program

• consolidate the collaboration / integration relationship with customers and suppliers;

• seek an optimal relationship between costs and service quality, from a competitive perspective.