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Cultural Heritage

Siva s.a.s. is a historic company (the first activities began in the early 1950s) that has always worked in the field of pest control and rodent control in urban and non-urban environments. Siva s.a.s. has in fact gathered a great deal of experience through collaborations with major public administrations, which has then allowed it to enter a wider market by offering its service to private companies, including food companies. Carrying out pest control services in many fields, compliance with requirements both mandatory and shared with the customer is therefore a fundamental parameter in the definition of internal procedures governing the manufacture and management of the products themselves. Siva s.a.s. is committed to the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitments pertinent to the context of the company through the implementation and observance of an "environmental policy" aimed at complying with mandatory and voluntary regulations.


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SIVA has adopted an innovative strategy that pays particular attention to respecting the environment, people and non-target animals. The experience gained over such a long history has enabled us to structure and organise ourselves to meet the needs of any type of customer.


Protecting your home from pests requires that you also take great care not to create ideal environments for pests. Good care of room hygiene and a few precautions will ensure that you can reduce the occurrence of these unwelcome guests.

Cultural Heritage

Siva has been working effectively for many years with municipalities and public facilities through monitoring and pest control services in both indoor and outdoor areas. We operate throughout the country, including islands, protecting public green spaces and municipal areas from pest insects and rodents. After examining the area to be protected, Siva personnel will study a targeted intervention plan that meets the customer's needs and respects the environment.

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