Many methods for a guaranteed result

In order to guarantee the best result over the years, we have acquired the appropriate know-how to be able to intervene in a targeted manner that respects the environment and the material we treat, guaranteeing an effective and lasting effect. Wood is a very sensitive material and requires specific care depending on the pest present and the environment in which it is located. This is why we are constantly updated on the technologies and methods of intervention.




for combating wood pests, it also acts on all woodworm life stages (egg-larva-adult) and is also effective against fungi and bacteria.

Ecological Warm Up

Anti-woodworm treatment with heat can be used for the disinfestation of beams, trusses and wooden artefacts, without the use of chemicals, to eliminate all viable forms of xylophagous insects (woodworms).

Gas Vikane™

SIVA's Antitarlo GAS Method

Gas treatment with Vikane Sulphuryl Difluoride (SO2F2) is one of our 10-year guaranteed and 100% effective applications. This treatment is particularly suitable for 4-sided free Villas or boats. It can also be applied to furniture and wooden artefacts in our fumigation chamber.


Infrared Eco

SIVA beam saver is an innovative, environmentally friendly system suitable for treating wooden beams against woodworm.

Heat Wrap® TARLI. is an innovative, environmentally friendly system suitable for treating wooden beams against woodworm.

HPI Technique

By means of the HPI technique, an odourless curative product is injected into the wood to resolve any woodworm infestation; this product makes the wood water-repellent, defends it against humidity and does not allow it to 'shrink' in dry climates.


is a modern and safe intervention technique to be used for wooden furnishings and valuable artefacts such as furniture, frames, objects of art and worship.

EXTERRA® Termites

is an integrated, modular and patented underground termite (Reticulitermes lucifugus) monitoring and control system,

Ecological Microwave Chamber

The treatment of wooden artefacts (furniture, furnishings, etc.) is carried out using microwaves in a closed chamber, the treatment does not compromise the integrity of the artefact, it acts on all biological forms of woodworm (egg, larva, pupa and adult), it is quick, ecological and guaranteed.

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